Asthma Rates Decrease Among Children Due to Reduced Number of Smokers

Asthma Rates Decrease Among Children Due to Reduced Number of Smokers

Currently fewer Canadian children are being diagnosed with asthma, due to reduced number of smokers and consequently because of reduced exposure to second hand smoke, according to statistics.

In more than a decade rates of the chronic inflammatory disease dropped to substantially reduced levels among children aged two to seven.

“A variety of environmental factors, as for example reduced exposure to cigarette smoke contributed significantly to these statistics,” the study declares.

Canada’s national statistical agency (Statscan) showed that 9.8% of children aged two to seven were diagnosed with asthma in 2008-09, significantly lower than 13.2 % in 2000-01.
This drop occurred mainly because fewer Canadian children live in families where adults smoke, according to study.

About 6% of children aged 11 and under were regularly exposed to second hand smoke at their homes in 2008, if compared with 24% in 2000. As about teenagers 13% aged 15 and older smoked regularly in 2008, dropping from 19% in 2000.

In present a few parents smoke because there were no statistically proved differences in asthma rates between children in smoking and non-smoking families between 2006-07 and 2008-09.

“This data shows that adult smoking rates dropped significantly, thus parental smoking is not seen as the leading cause of asthma in young children,” declared the representative of Statscan.

This link between reduced smoking and fewer cases of asthma are not unique only for Canada. For example, after Scotland prohibited smoking in public places, serious cases of asthma fell among preschool and school-aged children.

For instance researches from western countries discovered that asthma rates among children rose steadily for several decades before decreasing.

Statscan declared that reduced disease rates might also be due to changes in the population structure, changes in diagnostic methods, decline in the predominance of respiratory allergies, advances in air quality and changes in hygiene practices.

As well as asthma, ear infections are related to exposure to second hand smoke.

Canadas national statistical agency found out that asthma predominance decreased in the Atlantic Provinces, Ontario and Quebec, but remained quite stable in the West. This survey also discovered that the number of children who had had an asthma attack in the past 12 months dropped to 36 % in 2008-09 from 53 % in 1994-95.

The give study is based on data presented by the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth, a long-term study that capture information from thousands of families. The survey has been led every two years since 1994-95.

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A Happy Bear Family In Dress Up Games For Girls

A Happy Bear Family In Dress Up Games For Girls – fun and free Dress Up Games For Girls and kids

Everyone when was a small child, in whose eyes, the world is wonderful and magical. Children like getting into another world such as story, game. In childish eyes, world is simple and colorful. Flowers may be in blue, leaf maybe in red. But the sorcerer is often in black and princess often wears beautiful dress. In each game situation, children have their own wonderful imagination.

There is one bear family in the forest. Lets paint color to have a colorful bear family.

There is one bear family including: daddy bear, bear mommy bear, brother bear, sister bear and younger sister bear. Mommy bear is holding the youngest bear, sister bear and brother bear are standing beside daddy bear.

Lets color the bear family. Bear family have pink ears. Color pink for daddy bear’s ears, pink for mommy bear’s ears. Brother bear, sister bear and younger sister bears also have pink ears.

Bear family have different faces. Daddy bear is the oldest, so his face is brown. Mommy bear has beutiful face with yellow. Three kid bears has childish green faces. Lets get started. Daddy is in brown, yellow is for mommy, and green is for kids.

Then, color bear family’s mouths. Daddy bear has a big yellow mouth. Mommy bear has grown mouth. And kid bears have small white mouth. Lets color: yellow for daddy, grown for mommy, white for brother, white for sister and the youngest is white too.

Ears, faces, mouths, then noses are in turns to color! Bear family’s noses are violet. Violet for daddy, for mommy, for brother, for sister and violet for the youngest kids. Finished coloring noses!

Then paint color for clothes of family bear. Daddy bear wears black suit, white shirts, blue tie. Mommy bear wears brown dress with pink flowers and yellow pistils. Mommy also puts on a sky-blue and green scraft and has a pink bow in her hair.

Brother bear wears blue shirt with pink and orange pocket. Sister bear wears pink dress with green small circles. She also wears a pink bow in her hair like mommy. Younger bear wears a violet shawl.

Bear family are standing in a forest. There are some green grass, big tree has deep blue leaf canopy and brown tree-truck. The grown is brown and the rock is light – brown.

Then We have just finished the game coloring bear family. Joint dress up games for girls to be creative.

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Climbing Frames Provide Fun And Excitement To Your Children

Climbing Frames Provide Fun And Excitement To Your Children

Today it is very hard to convince children to play outdoors because of the electronic game consoles that are available in our modern world. Outdoor games are very essential for children since they could get physical exercise in this way. One thing you can do to attract children to play outside your house is by introducing climbing frames to them. Climbing frames can provide fun and excitement to your children.

Purchasing climbing frames for your children bring many benefits. Obesity and other weight related problems are very common to children nowadays because of lack of physical exercise. Climbing frames provide a wide range of activities for your kids that enable them to get the workout they need to stay healthy and fit. This frame comes in different styles and designs which are equipped with swings, slides, trampolines and other features that will enable children to play with it.

Kinds of Frames

There are many kinds of climbing frames available in the market right now. Depending on your budget and your childrens requirement, you can select from simple slide and climb arrangements to complete set of climbing frames equipped with swings, nets and other features. These sets can also be customised according to your childs personality. Since it is more difficult for children to climb down than to climb up, these frames are equipped with slides to make it easier for your children to go down.

There are also sets that are designed to attract little girls. Since girls enjoy playing house there are climbing frames that are designed to resemble a castle or a villa. These sets are elaborate in design with delicate pastel shades and intricate woodwork that is appealing to your princess. There are also frames that are designed for boys. Since boys are attracted to adventurous and sporty games, you can choose a pirate themed climbing frames for them.

There are also sets that are especially designed for very young children. These climbing frames are smaller in size and made of plastic that comes in a variety of bright colours such as red, yellow, green and blue. These smaller toys are very easy to install and disassemble which is an advantage for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying Climbing Frames

Safety always comes first when you are trying to buy sets for your children. After you have checked its safety features, you can check its hardiness, workmanship and appeal. While manufacturing always try to make sure that their products are safe to use, you still need to supervise your children whenever they play to avoid accidents.

Family – The Basic Social Unit

Family – The Basic Social Unit

Family is the basic social unit. Family represents people living together by ties of marriage, blood or adaptation, thus representing a single household. According to sociology, the family has the primary function of reproducing society; biologically, socially, or both. There are various structures of a family based on the relationship shared between the parent and the children. The different types of family are patrifocal, where the family consists of a father and his child; matrifocal, where the family consists of a mother and her child. Consanguineal family is one which consists of the mother, the child and other people, mainly belonging to the family of the mother. The conjugal family consists of one or more mothers and their children, with other people and one or more spouses.

The parent-child relationship varies due to different cultures. One of the prominent forms is the nuclear family. It consists of the marital pair living with their offspring separately. The joint family is an extension of the nuclear family. Joint family occurs when children of one sex live at their parents house. In a joint family, the children bring along their spouse to live with them at their parents house after marriage. A joint family usually consists of an older man and his wife, his sons and unmarried daughters, his sons wives and children. Members of a joint family share all the task of trade, food gathering and preparation and child rearing.

Children who share one parent but not another are called halfbrothers or halfsisters. Children who do not share parents, but whose parents are married, are called step-brothers or step-sisters. Similarly, if a person is married to the parent of a child, but is not the parent of the child themselves; they are called stepfather or stepmother.

A complex family involves more than two adults. It refers to any extended family or to polygamy of any type. A joint family is also known as a complex family. The parents and their children in a joint family live together under a single roof. In a joint family setup, the womenfolk are often housewives and cook for the entire family. The patriarch of the family is usually the oldest male member, who lays down the rules of the family. This kind of setup is fast eroding in many parts of the world. Almost all the urban families are switching over to the nuclear family society.