Why People Think Services Are A Good Idea

Why People Think Services Are A Good Idea

Hotboxing in Your Car

There is a leisure time activity called ‘hotboxing’ that is not for everybody. Chances are, if you are someone who has enjoyed smoking weed or getting stoned, you have done hotbox before. Next time try hotboxing in your car. You deserve the great experience.

First thing you do is to find a good location to hotbox in your car. Planning the location of your next hotbox experience is important. If you are fascinated with lights on a high, then look for a hill overlooking the city and drive there. You can go to a forested area and hotbox there in the woods. If you dare, try an open parking lot. All you need to avoid are the authorities.

The key to an enjoyable experience is to just bring the necessary amount of weed to get a good high. Getting paranoid about being caught is something you don’t want to happen, so don’t get too high in your hotbox. Do not bring your bag of weed in the car with you, just leave it at home, and roll out a few joints. This way, things won’t get out of hand.

Another advantage of bringing joints only – it’s so much easier to hide when someone comes knocking on your window. Also, blunts make more smoke inside a hotbox than a bong. So leave your bong behind, and roll out some joints for this amazing trip. As the quality of weed is important, Leafbuyer Arizona guarantees you the best there is.

You need to accessorize your hotboxing experience with your favorite soundtrack and munchies. What soundtrack are you taking with you? You also need your snack items in your car when the munchies hit you. You don’t want to be driving around looking for snacks when you are already stoned. When you are in your hotbox all stoned and high, what you should be doing is munching on snacks, not driving around. Whatever makes you happy munching when you’re high, go for it. One thing you don’t want to be in your hotbox is dehydrated, so bring with you lots of water to drink.

Now, it’s important to decide before everything else who is taking the car home. Draw straws or spin a bottle to decide who will be the designated driver. Getting into a car crash high is the last thing you want to figure in. And you don’t want to stare at the stoplight for an hour just looking at the lights changing from red to green.

How can you keep your car smelling fresh after hotboxing? Drive it around the block with open windows. This way you can blow out the dank air inside your car. Then vacuum any stray pieces of buds you overlooked to pick up on the car floor. Then wash the interior of your car with soap and water.

Time to plan your next hotbox adventure.

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